Insects enemies for plants


Following are some of our more common lawn and garden plants together with insects, both general and specific feeders, which infest them:

  • Abutilon Corn earworm,soft scale, abutilon moth.
  • Ageratum Greenhouse whitefly, greenhouse leaf tier, corn earworm, Asiatic garden beetle, mealybugs, red spider, stalk borer.
  • Amaryllis Narcissus bulb fly, bulbmate, Spanish moth.
  • Arborvitae Bagsworm, arborvitae aphid, arborvitae leaf minor,juniper scale, spider mite.
  • Aster Greenhouse whitefly, six-spotted leafhopper, root aphids, Asiatic garden beetle , spotted cucumber beetle, tarnished plant bug, four-lined plant bug, red spiders, cutworms, thrips, greenhouse leaf roller, European corn borer, chrysanthemum lacebug.
  • Azalea Azalea lacebug, mulberry whitefly, azalea bark scale, peony scale, azalea leaf miner, azalea stem, borer rhododendron borer, spider mites, black vine weevil, Fuller's rose beetle.
  • Barberry Asiatic garden beetle, barberry aphid, barberry webworm, eight-spotted forester, greenhouse whitefly, red spiders. Boxwood Boxwood leaf miner, boxwood psyllid, spider mites, giant hornet, mealy flata, cottony-cushion scale.
  • Calendula Greenhouse whitefly, six-spotted leafhopper, root aphids, painted lady, black blister beetle, tarnished plant bug, spotted cucumber beetle, yellow wooly bear, stalk borer, bean aphid, green peach aphid, flea beetles, red spiders, Mexican mealybug.
  • Camellia Peony scale, camellia scale, tea scale, citrus mealybug, long-tailed mealybug, citrus whitefly, oleander scale, soft-scale, Fuller's rose beetle.
  • Canna Canna leaf roller, yellow wooly bear, greenhouse leaf tier, spotted cucumber beetle, corn earworm, Asiatic garden beetle, Fuller's rose beetle, saddleback caterpillar.
  • Carnation Corn earworm, , grape mealybug oblique-banded leaf roller.
  • Chrysanthemum European cornborer, snowbugs, slugs, red spiders, tarnished plant bug. Six-spotted leafhopper, Asiatic garden beetle, aphids, Mexi- can mealybug, chrysanthemum lacebug, corn earworm, bur- dock leaf miner, spittlebugs, cutworms, yellow wooly bear, spotted cucumber beetle, stalk borer, rose chafer, thrips, termites, grasshoppers, four-lined plant bug, red-banded leaf roller, olden ow aphid, Fuller's rose beetle,
  • Clematis Clematis root borer, fall webworm, black blister beetle, tarnished plant bug, soft scale.
  • Coleus Greenhouse whitefly, Mexican mealybug, greenhouse orthezia, red spiders, yellow wooly bear.
  • Cosmos Six-spotted leafhopper, bean aphid, potato aphid, spotted cucumber beetle, Asiatic garden beetle, European corn borer, stalk borer, four-linedplantbug, tarnished plantbug, red spiders.
  • Columbine Columbine borer, cambium curculio, columbine leaf miner, columbine aphid, columbine skipper, rose budworm, black stinkbug, Eastern tent caterpillar, red spiders, Asiatic garden beetle, grape mealybug.
  • Crocus Bulb mite, tulip bulb aphid.
  • Dahlia Six-spotted leafhopper, Asiatic garden beetle, corn earworm, stalk borer, tarnished plant bug, European corn borer, cockle- bur billbug, yellow wooly bear, flower thrips, red spiders, green peach aphid, cyclamen mite, Japanese beetle, four- linedplant bug, bulb mite, potato leafhopper, giant hornet.
  • Delphinium Stalk borer, cyclamen mite, larkspur leaf miner, red spiders, Japanese beetle, Asiatic garden beetle, rose budworm.
  • Deutzia Fuller's rose beetle, lilac leaf miner.
  • Dogwood Mulberry whitefly, dogwood borer, flathead borers, dogwood twig borer, dogwood club all midge, dogwood scale, leaf- hoppers, oystershell scale, San Jose scale, melon aphid, cotto maple scale, pitted ambrosia beetle.
  • Euonymus Euonymus scale, bean aphid, San Jose scale, cottony maple scale, lilac leaf miner.
  • Gaillardia Six-spotted leafhopper, Asiatic garden beetle, stalk borer, red spiders, aphids, flower thrips, four-lined plant bug, leaf- hoppers.
  • Gardenia Citrus whitefly, soft scale, Fuller's rose beetle, citrus mealy- bug, long-tailed mealybug, flower thrips, greenhouse orthezia.
  • Geranium European corn borer, orange tortrix, greenhouse whitefly, red spiders, cabbage looper, corn earworm, oblique-banded leaf roller, aphids, greenhouse leaf tier, mealybugs, cottony- cushion scale Fuller's rose beetle, red-banded leaf roller.
  • Gerbera Cyclamen mite, Mexican mealybug.
  • Gladiolus Corn earworm, European corn borer, gladiolus thrips, grape mealybug, red spiders, yellow wooly bear, blister beetles, Asiaticgarden beetle, tarnished plant bug, stalk borer, flea beetles, aphids, tulip bulb aphidlb , bulb mite.
  • Goldenglow Greenhouse whitefly, stalk borer, Fuller's rose beetle, golden- glow aphid, Asiatic garden beetle, tarnished plant bug, four- linedplant bug, red spiders.
  • Hawthorn Soft scale, torn lea aphid, hawthorn lacebugs, Eastern tent caterpillar, cottony maple scale, scurfy scale, San Jose scale, rose scale.
  • Hibiscus Soft scale, Fuller's rose beetle, Japanese beetle, abutilon moth, corn earworm, greenhouse whitefly, San Jose scale.
  • Holly Mulberry whitefly, soft scale, holly leaf miner, citrus white- fly, fall webvvorm, spider mites.
  • Hollyhock Painted lady, stalk borer, European corn borer, Japanese beetle, abutilon moth, red spider, red-banded leaf roller, yellow wooly bear, rose chafer, spotted cucumber beetle, flea beetle, bean aphid, potato aphid, melon aphid, flower thrips, tarnished plant bug, leafhoppers.
  • Honeysuckle Red-banded leaf roller, fall webworm, honeysuckle sawfly, angular-winged katydid, oblique-banded leaf roller, long- tailed mealybug, aphids, white-lined sphinx, flea beetle, San Jose scale, oystershell scale, hornworm.
  • Hyacinths Narcissus bulb fly, bulb mite.
  • Hydrangea Aphids, rose chafer, tarnished plant bug, red spiders, melon aphid.
  • Iris Iris borer, iris thrips, iris weevil, narcissus bulb fly, lesser bulb flies, slugs, snails, wireworms, white grubs, rose chafer, verbena bud moth, tulip leaf aphid, tulip bulb aphid, red spiders.
  • Ivy Citrus whitefly, soft scale, grape mealybug, oleander scale, red spiders, puss caterpillar, cabbage looper, hornworms, eight-spotted forester, aphids, leafhoppers, cottony-cushion scale.
  • Juniper Bagworm, juniper webworm, juniper scale, red cedar aphid, spruce spider mite.
  • Lantana Greenhouse whitefly, mealybugs, orange tortrix.
  • Laurel Citrus whitefly, cottony-cushion scale.
  • Lilac Citrus whitefly, cottony maple scale, lilac borer, San Jose scale, giant hornet, lilac leaf miner, euonymus scale, white peach scale, scurfy scale, oystershell scale, melon aphid, hornworm, oblique-banded leaf roller.
  • Lily Stalk borer, Fuller's rose beetle, bulbmite, Spanish moth, tulip bulb aphid, melon aphid.
  • Maple Bagworm, mulberry whitefly.
  • Marigold Tarnishedplantbug, potato leafhopper, greenhouse leaf tier, red spiders, garden flea hopper, stalk borer, cutworms, blister beetles, yellow wooly bear.
  • Morningglory Soft scale,golden tortoise beetle, morningglory leaf cutter, melon aphid, yellow wooly bear, red spiders, garden flea hopper, garden whitefly, corn earworms, four-lined plant bug, Asiatic garden beetle, spotted cucumber beetle.
  • Mountainlaurel Mulberry whitefly, black vine weevil, rhododendron, lacebug, rhododendron borer, azalea stem borer.
  • Narcissus Narcissus bulb fly, lesser bulb flies, bulb mite,bulb scale mite, Spanish moth, red spiders, leafhoppers, flower thrips, solanum mealybug, aphids.
  • Nasturtium Bean aphid, imported cabbage worm, greenhouse leaf tier, tarnished plant bug, corn earworm.
  • Orchardpalm Soft scale, Fuller's rose beetle, grape mealybug, oleander scale, palm leaf skeletonizer, ground mealybug, greenhouse orthezia.
  • Pansy Solanum mealybug, violet sawfly, slugs, sowbugs, red spiders, wireworms, flea beetles, cutworms,greenhouse leaf tier, red- banded leaf roller, yellow wooly bear, aphids.
  • Peony Stalk borer, rose chafer, rose leaf beetle, rose curculio, ants, San Jose scale, oystershell scale, flower thrips, four-lined plant bug, tarnished plant bug.
  • Petunia Potato flea beetle, red spiders, yellow wooly bear, horn- worms, spotted cucumber beetle, greenhouse orthezia, ground mealybug, tarnished plant bug, flea hopper, grasshopper, Asiatic garden beetle.
  • Phlox Stalk borer, soft scale, phlox plant bug, wireworms, white grubs, golden tortoise beetle, corn earworm,. Asiatic garden beetle, blister beetle, red spiders, four-lined plant bug.
  • Pine Bagworm, pine sawflies, pine bark aphid, white pine aphid, pine needle scale.
  • Pittosporum Soft scale, cottony-cushion scale, aphids, mealybugs.
  • Poinsettia Soft scale, grape mealybug.
  • Privet Citrus whitefly, lilac leaf miner, white peach scale, privet mite, privet aphid, lilac borer, mealy flata, red spiders.
  • Rhododendron Giant homer, rhododendron lacebug, rhododendron borer, pitted ambrosia beetle, rhododendron whitefly, azalea bark scale, red spiders, azalea stem borers, black vine weevil, Fuller's rose beetle oleander scale.
  • Salvia Mealybugs, greenhouse whitefly, greenhouse orthezia, green- house leaf tier, stalk borer, tarnished plant bug, red spiders, Asiaticgarden beetle, yellow wooly bear.
  • Snapdragon Rose budworm, black stinkbug, rose spiders, verbena bud moth, Asiaticgarden beetle, aphids, stalk borer, yellow wooly bear, greenhouse leaf tier, four-lined plant bug, tar- nishedplant bug.
  • Spirea Cottony maple scale, oblique-banded leaf roller, spirea aphid, red spiders, oystershell scale, San Jose scale.
  • Spruce Bagworm, eastern spruce gall aphid, Cooley's spruce gall aphid, spruce spider mite, spruce budworm, spruce sawflies, spruce needle miners.
  • Sunflower Asiaticgarden beetle, painted lady, cocklebur billbug, goldenglow aphid, melon aphid, four-lined plant bug.
  • Sweetpea Root aphids, pea aphid, potato aphid, red spiders, four-lined plant bug, tarnished plant bug, spotted cucumber beetle, greenhouse leaf tier, cutworms, corn earworm, sowbugs. Tuberose Bulb mite Spanish moth.
  • Tulip Narcissus bulb fly, bulb mite, tulip bulb aphid, green peach aphid, tulip leaf aphid, lesser bulb flies, red spiders, milli- pedes, wireworms.
  • Verbena Verbena bud moth, verbena leaf miner, oblique-banded leaf roller, garden webworm, melon aphid, green peach aphid, red spiders, greenhouse orthezia, greenhouse whitefly, flower thrips, greenhouse leaf tier, blister beetle, morning- glory leaf cutter.
  • Viburnum Aphids, mealy flata, hornworms, potato flea beetle, dogwood twig borer, red spiders, flower thrips, San Jose scale, oyster- shell scale, cottony male scale.
  • Violet Red-banded leaf roller,violet sawfly, cutworms, red spiders, greenhouse leaf tier, yellow wooly bear, aphids, flea beetles, wireworms, sowbugs, slugs.
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